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2-on-1 Mixed Bondage Wrestling / VeVe Lane vs. The Ninjas

2-on-1 Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Снимались: VeVe Lane vs. Frankie and Cincinnati

Rope-Wrestle Queen VeVe Lane dives in for a new 2-on-1 competitive mixed bondage wrestling challenge for 2018! Decked out in her shiny "Wonder VeVe" attire, she takes on the team of Frankie and Cincinnati in a battle to see which side can completely immobilize the other. There's no time limit, and whatever happens happens. The match only ends once the opposition is completely bound and gagged.

Frankie is an experienced double-teamer, and Cincinnati, though a newcomer, is game for any physical challenge. Each of these guys has a size advantage on VeVe. But VeVe has more rope skill and wrestling experience than both of them combined... plus, she's simply ferocious!

It's a fully competitive, physical, and grueling match, with VeVe pushing herself hard to out-maneuver the guys and come out on top. VeVe demonstrates impressive skill and tenacity, relying on her wrestling techniques, rope-work control, quick-ties, and personal fortitude. The guys cannot compare with her for grace, speed, and ability, but their weight and number advantage makes the fight very tough, indeed.

Neither side wants to give in, and all competitors are fixed on the win. But as the battle wears on, and the guys slip out of ties again and again, VeVe progressively turns up the meanness and her intensity... until the guys find themselves clamped painfully by tight, unquestionable ties. With the guys immobilized by rope-bite and holding-ties, VeVe takes her time to bind them further with her "golden lasso" ropes, berating them as her "Wonder VeVe" persona, cleave gagging them, and finally collecting them together and striking a triumphant victory pose.



March 2018

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