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Sorry Assed Fish Eating Fucker

Sorry Assed Fish Eating Fucker

Снимались: Jackie Ohh & Joe

Jackie comes home to find Joe fast asleep with a bag of HER favorite candie on his lap. She has warned him over and over again not to touch her sweedish fish. Jackie sneaks up on him and gives him a tranquiling injection. Joe jumps up but soon is overcome by the tranquilizer and falls back to the couch. Jackie drags his sorry ass off the couch and into the kitch where whe strips his pants and socks off. She menaces him with his stinky socks and even rubs the crotch of his pajama pants in his sleeping face as she giggles. She sits him up and begins to bind his limp sleeping body. Once fully bound, she places his filthy socks over his face and leaves the room. Jackie menaces still sleeping Joe with his dirty socks, rubbing them on his nose and pushing them into his mouth in an attempt to see if he is really out. He doesn't wake up as she giggles with delight. As soon as she leaves the scene, he abruptly wakes up and noticing he is trussed up, he begins calling out for her. She rushes in and torments his helpless body by using the ropes as a handle.Jackie gets her bag of candy and plays a game with Joe. One for me- she says as she eats a seedish fish... and one for vou ...as she shoves a clothes pin in his mortified face. She then clamps it to his balls and she plays the one 4 you-one for me game until his cock and balls are covered with tight clothes pins. Joe yells out in agony. Joe wakes up and it is morning. He has spent the entire night bound and gagged on the kitchen floor. He begins to call out begging and pleading to be set free. Jackie enters and yells at him. It seems he has struggle some of his ropes a little loose. Jackie re-tie his legs and as he keeps complaining, she takes a gulp of hot coffee and spits it right in his face. Some slapping and even full body sit and bounch before gagging the poor bastard tightly with a huge ball gag. Jackie returns with a special plan for joe. She has a lit candle and laughs at his misfortune as she drips hot wax all over his back side. Joe struggles and screams in agony but jackie doesnt let up until joe is red and blistered. The camera gets close ups of his defeated wax covered body.Jackie flogs and spanks Joe as he tries to wriggle across the floor in his bondage. To further humiliate him, photos are taken so she can share them with their friends. Jackie pulls up a chair and drags bound and gagged Joe over her knee giving him a stern mamma spanking. Jackie changes knees and gives a second spanking to Joe with his face to the camera. Joe screams through his gag as Jackie shows no mercy on his now very tender ass. When she is finished, she rolls him off and leaves him lying on the floor defeated. Jackie places a chair on Joe and has a talk with him about how he is going to change his habits as she flicks her ashes on him and rests her feet in his pathetic face.




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