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wmbcv-1300 - Arielle Lane


Снимались: Arielle Lane

Описание: Arielle Lane has never made it a secret that she loves being tied up. She also loves ball gags, well actually most any gag, but the more complicated and cool looking the better. And boy does she love to struggle and come while tied up really tightly. In this case with thin leather straps, and a equally tight leather single glove. A vibrator is brought in to the mix, and things get very crazy, very quickly. She really doesn’t know what to do when Jim tied her cute stocking feet back to her head harness muzzle gag. Things get even more out of hand when an extra vibrator is brought in. Arielle really is beside herself, moaning, struggling, squirming, and always coming. Very sexy indeed.



2021 год


Set: Отсутствует на официальном сайте.

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