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The Worthless Webmaster!

Никчемный веб-мастер!The Worthless Webmaster!

Снимались: Gina Rae Michaels & Michael Keye
Примечание: Кляп из трусиков

Gina Rae who is unhappy with the performance of her webmaster makes an unexpected visit to his office to discuss somethings that she had asked him previously to change on her site. She finds him lounging in a chair reading the sports section. The laqy worthless webmaster gives her a million excuses as to why the changes have not been made and he complains about how hard and physically demanding his job is and that Gina would not understand how rough he has it since she is a fetish diva and all. The two argue and Gina threatens to fire him if the changes aren't made and he agrees to do them. Gina hands him a long list to look over on a yellow legal pad and he still argues that some of these tasks weren't on the original list. Gina becomes angry and removes her scarf wrapping it tightly around webmaster Michael's neck choking him out.
When the poor guy wakes up, he is chair tied and dressed in stockings, pantyhose, and leather boots. He becomes loud and Gina enters the scene explaining to him that since he thinks he job is so easy, she plans to show him just how hard the daily task of being a fetish model really is, as she ads a bunch of rope around his chest securing him to the chair. She removes her panties and crams them in his mouth and then cleeve gags him SUPER TIGHT ON CAMERA leaving him to struggle. WHen she returns, she removes his gag and ball gags him on camera before putting eye shadow and lipstick on him as he complains and curses at her through his gag. Rough face slapping and torment follow.
Next we see Gina tying Michael's legs and thighs together. He is already gagged with a leather harness gag. She moves him onto the floor and tells him that she is going to go shoppig and spend the money she would have paid him this week. She swiftly ropes him into a tight hogtie before leaving him to struggle all afternoon. Hours go by and Gina returns with the shopping bags from the mall to find one tired webmaster hogtied and lifeless on the carpet. She unties him and promises to give him a break since he seems to not be as bitchy and defiant.In the next scene we see Miss Gina sipping wine in a chair and she calls to her webmaster and asks how the update is coming. We hear him reply that he ahs already finished it. She orders him to come in because she has another task. Michael enters crawling on his hands and knees and Gina explains that he will no longer be permited to walk, he must crawl on all fours when she is present. She slips a rope around his neck and sternly tells him that he must worship her boots. He begins kissing and licking her boots with Gina ocassionally getting rough and cramming the whole toe in his bouth and pulling the rope forcing him to suck the heel. Great bootworship scene.

Michael Keye makes his debut on Dudes in Distress in this great video.





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